Top 10 Web Design and UI Trends for 2021

The world has gone digital, and technology is what holds everything together. However, technological and digital trends are changing fast. Web designs and features that were once trendy at a point in our lives can and will become obsolete within a short period of time.

Which begs the question; what does one do to make sure your consumers don't lose interest in your site overtime or on their first visit?

According to research by WebFX, 66% of users prefer to stare at a gorgeously designed website if given a few minutes to consume a website content notwithstanding the quality of the content. WebFX further added that, if there's one thing to know when it comes to web design, it's that users desire a beautiful and engaging website.

When a particular style of design becomes overused, it loses the conversion factor it once had due to the uniqueness; what you don't want on your website is for leads to walk away from your business because of the design.

2021 will bring a lot of new design trends for websites. More of the current designs will become washed, and you have to keep up, else you will be left behind.

So you won't be left behind, we have come up with a list of web design trends that will rock it in 2021. The common factors about the listed design trends are easy navigation, high level of functionality, user friendly, and a great look.

Some of the current trends keep their place, but several design trends shoot up to the top.


Dark Mode has a lot of advantages to it. This web design trend will grow in popularity in 2021. As awkward as it may sound, or maybe not entirely comfortable to you; I have met people who prefer dark themed websites to bright ones.

I remember when Twitter rolled out the dark mode option on their mobile app, a lot of people moved immediately and ever since refused to go back to the 'white' themed Twitter.

Facebook likewise implemented the dark themed option on WhatsApp, which received wide adoption amongst the users.

These are mobile application, but it can be implemented on website design likewise. Our website is one example of how attractive a dark themed website can look after design.

The functions of the dark-themed website are both practical and aesthetics. Website designers must learn how to apply this trend if they want to create better-looking websites.

At a time when a lot of people spend more time on the internet than ever; users are also alert to what bright lights could do to their sight. For this reason, users spend more time on eye-friendly websites. Dark Mode helps to reduce strain on the eyes, and this means users will spend more time on websites with this design element.

Aesthetically, the dark mode design gives a website an ultra-modern look. This look appeals to more users, and they want to spend more time on the website. For designers, it also increases the chance of showing off other elements in the design. All you need to do is to darken the features around it.


Visuals are the most prominent communication element in digital space. Users are influenced by great images more than anything. The time spent scanning through an image is less than reading a piece – at a time when users have a short attention span than ever, it is essential to communicate through photos.

In 2021, designers need to know the professional power photos carry. Because of the attention span of modern users, you should pass your message or promote your business through images. Professional product photos help to quickly promote the product, as it easily gets the website user's attention. Once they are drawn in, it means you can now communicate what your product does better than ever.

Also note, it has to be professional product photos and not low-quality ones. The better the image quality, the higher the chance of holding them down on your website, and you have an increased chance of selling your product.

You can either DIY or acquire the services of a professional photographer.

image of hand drawn designs
Design by Devanta Ebison on Dribble