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Human-Centric Design, Built to Create Remarkably Intuitive User Experiences, Increasing Conversion Rate.

UX design, or user experience design, is the process of increasing a user’s level of satisfaction with a product or service by improving its functionality, ease of use, and convenience. In 2021 UI/UX (User Interaction/User Experience) will play a huge role in conversion rates, brand loyalty, customer acquisition. The future of design is simple, easy to use, and fast! If your business or service has great UI/UX design you will be competitive. 





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Buttons are a crucial part of designing interfaces. Getting this element right will go a long way toward good UX and elegant design. At their most basic, buttons are specially styled links that we want to draw attention to. Buttons can link us to other pages, complete an action like submitting a form or making a purchase. They are often used for the primary calls to action (CTA) we want our users to complete.

We have come a long way from those early grey OS buttons and the flashing, animated early web buttons. Continued evolution is driven by ever visually slicker mobile and web design, as well as the big players like Google introducing design languages such as material design.

We Understand Design Standards and Human Psychology. 

Our seasoned team of designers brings the leadership and mature collaboration needed to efficiently deliver a robust UI/UX strategy, design system, standards, and processes that ensure consistent implementation of final designs.

Bad Tempo is adept at using modern tools such as Sketch and InVision and follows UI/UX best practice standards when developing user-centered design sketches, wireframes, user flows, detailed designs, visual design comps, and prototypes.

User Experience

- Use white or dark space.

- Optimize your page speed.

- Be responsive and mobile-friendly.

- Keep your website pages consistent.

- Segment key information with bullet points.

- Use images (wisely).



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